Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pancakes for Dinner

Last night Andrew, my eight year old, marched in and announced that he knew he missed dinner, but he had dinner at his friend Evan's house. The following conversation is short and almost verbatim. Any differences between the following and the actual conversation are purely because of my bad memory due to extensive drug use in my college years. Hmmmm, I wonder if you can get disability due to marijuana induced memory loss. Anyhow......

Andrew: Mom! I don't need to eat dinner because I ate at Evan's!!

Me: That's fine. What did you have to eat tonight?

Andrew: (giggling) Pancakes and waffles......(still giggling)

Me: (in my best shocked voice) Pancakes and waffles for dinner???!!!

Andrew: (holding his gut at this point) THEY MADE ME!!!

Me: (still shocked) They made you? Well, are you okay?

Andrew: (now very serious) Yes, but they made us put healthy stuff on top.

Me: Oh yea? Like what?

Andrew: (practically spitting) SYRUP AND BUTTER!!

::::::::::then Andrew added in the next little blip::::::::::::::

Andrew: Evan's mom also made us use manners tonight.

Me: You mean like ours?

Andrew: Yes, I told Evan's mom that we had manners and she said that we had to do manners at her house tonight, so we had to keep our shoulders off the table.

Me: Your shoulders?

Andrew: Yup. Well, can I have dessert now? I didn't get any at Evan's.

Me: Sure. Go help yourself.

::::::And he did::::::::::

God bless that child


Allie Bear said...

Ha ha ha! That was too cute. I try to eat with my shoulders off the table..LOL.
That pic is great, so cute!

Damama T said...

And there's something wrong with wanting dessert after having pancakes and waffles for dinner?? DUH! lol!

LOVE that picture!