Friday, January 11, 2008

Sometimes when you're all alone...

In college I had a roommate who would not laugh out loud if she was by herself. I mean, like, not at a funny movie or a show or the radio or a book. I don't know how she would laugh because I was never there when she was alone, but I imagine she would just hold her breath and smile at the same time and then look around to make sure that the nobody that was there with her didn't see her. I can't imagine being so self conscious that you can get embarrassed when you're all alone. I admit, I've got a barrage of self-esteem issues, but when I'm alone there are no holds barred. I wonder if she ever sang to herself in her bedroom mirror with the door closed. Maybe someone slammed open the door once when she was doing that as a child and it traumatized her so deeply that she vowed never to show emotion again in private. I have held very deep conversations with myself (out loud) in the privacy of my own home. These days I can even do it in my car cause people will just assume that I've got one of those Blue Tooth thingies in the ear they can't see. Little do they know, I'm just a loon talking to myself. Once I was listening to morning talk radio and they said that you can test your breath by licking the back side of your hand and then waving it around to dry and then smelling it. I was about to test that theory out when I came to a light and I looked at the car next to me to see some guy smelling the back of his hand. KARMA was on my side that day. Strange how these thoughts come to me.


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Thanks so much for checking out my blog and commenting :-) I had to laugh-out loud by myself-when I read your post about laughing when your alone...honestly I can't imagine how someone could not do that LOL I'm another research junkie too! If you ever replace Jeeves give me a hollar :-)

Damama T said...

I've known people like that. I'd burst if I couldn't laugh whenever, wherever!

I love it when I look over and see the person in the next car singing the same song I'm singing along with on the radio! Good CARma?? LOL!!

Come back to see me soon. xoxo