Saturday, March 8, 2008


OK, so not so much "yay for surgery" on my mind today. I guess I forgot my stomach's intolerance for pain medication of any kind, save for Aleve. GRRR....I've spent all of my resting time leaning over the toilet. It doesn't matter what I do to try and avoid the nausea. Yes, I ate before I took the Percocet, but it didn't help any. Guess I'm gonna have to stop taking that and just stick to the Ibuprofen. I thoroughly enjoy being able to fall asleep in the middle of the day though. That's the best part of it. My routine is 1) eat 2) take medicine 3) vomit 4) pass out. The passing out part if my Well, that's all I can force myself to type today. Maybe more tomorrow. Night, night!


Damama T said...

OH HONEY! I'm so sorry I've taken so long to get back over here!

How are you now? How about an update?

Praying for your quick healing and med tolerance.


Allie Bear said...

Hope you're feeling better, can't wait till you're well enough to post again.