Saturday, March 1, 2008

Find me a theme song

Everyone remembers the theme song from Annie, right?

"The sun'll come out....tomorrow!! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun."

I have sung that song to myself probably my entire life and I just came to realize that that is MY theme song too!!! I sang that song for our sixth grade graduation. Oh my gosh I was so scared, but I stood there and belted it out and desperately waited for fruit or applause. I didn't know which would come, but luckily everyone clapped. They just thought it was cute - lol- the only time I sing now is if I'm more than slightly inebriated or in the car. I used to watch the show Ally McBeal religiously. I started watching my junior year of college and was a devoted fan up til the very end of the show. It was hilarious!!! I loved how when she became self-conscious of a certain part of her body, it would grow giant. Like, when she felt sexy her lips would get HUGE!! Anyhow, her therapist (the wonderful Tracey Ullman) told her she needed a theme song that she could sing in her head to give her confidence. It was hilarious cause she'd strut down the street with "Tell Him" by The Exciters playing in her head. I think I need to get a new theme song. Tomorrow is full of hope and all and it's great when I'm pissy, but it doesn't have much of the "pick me up" vibe to it. It's more like "shut up and do what you gotta do today and just wait for tomorrow to come" kind of vibe. I don't know....any suggestions?

My title, by the way, is a clickable link that will take you to an Ally McBeal devotee.


Damama T said...

Try this one on for size: Happy Talk

It never fails to pull me back from the brink.You do know that I'm here if you need to talk, right? xoxoxo

Susan said...

That definitely made me smile. BUT it appears that Captain Sensible may have been under the influence of something not so "sensible". Very entertaining though I must admit!!

Damama T said...

Silly girrrrl! ;o) Get past the goofy performers and listen to the message in the music. It's actually a wonderful song originally from the musical, South Pacific.

And, hey, even if they are unsensibly medicated, ya gotta admit it's a picker-upper of a little ditty! LOL!

I'll keep looking anyway, but do reconsider this one... or maybe I like it so much because I'm just naturally unsensibly peppy? LOL!

Damama T said...

OK - How about this one...
Life's a Dance by John Michael Montgomery