Friday, December 28, 2007

Grr...the holidays

Christmas, ahhh, Christmas. Being a military family our Christmas comes in phases. First there are the endless phone calls from family far and near about what to buy. What do we do? I always go to Wal-mart's online wishlist with my kids so they can shop and create a list of all the things they so desire. When I was a kid we'd get out the JCPenney catalog and just circle everything we wanted, not so anymore. Everything today is online and it's wonderful as far as I'm concerned. It saves me from having to go down the list and dividing up what each kid wants for each side of the family. So we email their lists from Wal-mart and it's all good. Then I let each side know what the other has gotten so there are no repeats. In the past we've always gone home for Christmas, but this year we moved to Texas and we told everyone WAY in advance that we would not be home for the holidays so they could plan for either shipping or traveling. Turns out that they all wanted to come to our house instead! Now, don't get me wrong, I love my family, but OH MY GOD they all are coming to our house. We have yet to find the perfect distance from our respective in-laws. When you live too close, they come all the time in short little bursts of misery. When you live too far they come for weeks at a time. We need to be in the middle somewhere so they come very little and stay very short. Close enough so that they can come and pick up the kids and take them to THEIR house if'n that be what they desire. Ok, well I gotta go cause my husband is lettin' me know that I need to go to bed cause family is arriving tomorrow for a week and there'll be no play for us for that long. What a man.


Rick said...

Relatives - you can't live with them and you can't live with them.

Thanks for doing your part while your husband serves our country.

I'm having a little give-away over on my blog. No gimicks, just fun. It's my way of celebrating the anniversary of my blog.

Melody said...

I saw your comment on Rick's post, and I feel your pain on the not having traffic/comments - so I thought I would help out! LOL!

I'm in Texas, too - although I live up near Ft. Worth, and I'm probably about 2-3 hours from where you are.

Hope you get more blogging love!
(and if you figure it out, let me know!)


Damama T said...

HI! It's me again. LOL!! Melody - I'm going to pop over to your corner of the blogverse and check out your world. In the mean time, the trick to getting more traffic is to start leaving comments on other's and responding to comments on your own. This blog world is an amazing place to make friends who (at least for me) can become like family. So that way, if your own family is driving you batty, you have someone else to talk to about it.

Peace, blessings and Happy Blogging!