Friday, December 14, 2007

Thank God for DVR

Like anybody really cares, but here goes.

I love this show and hate this show. I have a love/hate relationship with this show. The people I think should win never ever win. I am always rooting for the good guy. The good guy never wins on Survivor. I know, the whole point of the show is to survive, not only the elements, but the whole social/mind game of it all, but still.....anyway. I hate the fact that the people get to vote each other off. For example, I hate that James got voted off this season. Of course the others wanted him off the show because he naturally would have won, but, dammit, it's not fair. It's the assholes that make it to the jury round and then everyone is just voting for the least of the evils. Does that mean that the winner deserves to win? I don't think so. It's kind of like the last two presidential elections. Do I really think that Bush, Kerry or Gore deserved to be president??? No. But I voted for who I thought the least of all the idiots were. Then, in the end everybody's mad cause a complete jackass won and they want to blame the ones who voted for him. Like their choice would've done any better. Sure he might not have made the same mistakes, but trust me, there would have been mistakes either way. Every season I find myself saying, "OOOHHH, I hate this show!! I'm never watching it again!!" Do you really think I could remove it from my DVR schedule - Hell no.

Ok, who loves this show as much as me....NOBODY!!! At first I thought it was just gonna be another cop show, but oh wait!!! There seems to be an underlying mystery to solve....YAYYYYY!! Gotta save Grace!! I love Earl. I love Earl. And I don't think there could've been a better actor chosen to portray Earl! He's totally imperfect, but ruggedly handsome in some twisted kind of way. I love it when he puts his foot down and gets pissed and makes something big happen. It's that whole domination thing that I'm totally attracted to. My husband looked at me the other night while we were watching it together (cause he loves it too) and said, "Susan, if you hadn't married me you would've been Grace." WHAT!!!!???? I was slightly put off, but only slightly because I secretly think he really meant to say, "Susan, I think you're incredibly sexy and I love your bad girl side." Yep, I'm sure that's what he meant.

I was hooked on this show from the first time I saw it, but as the seasons pile on it's just starting to get kinda old. The first season's designers seemed to me to have a ton more talent and creativity than subsequent seasons' designers. And it never fails that Tim says, "this is the most talented group of designers yet." I don't know, I'm giving it one last chance this season, but may have to "x" it for next season....the jury is still out.

OMG, this is the funniest show ever. I love it because I'm attached to every single character on the show. Dwight, however, is my absolute favorite. I totally want a bobble head Dwight, but with three kids, it would be kinda irresponsible for me to spend actual money on something like that, but if I had no kids I would absolutely have one. I love that Michael is so confident and clueless. I am secretly urging Dwight to never give up. I can't wait for Angela to become "satisfied." Pam is the smartest character on the show and I can completely relate to her because I know for sure that if I were in her position, I would do exactly what she does. I don't know, I just like the show. And it's not even that I'm laughing out loud, so to speak, throughout the show. It's more like an exaggerated giggle ongoing through each episode.

Ok, so who wouldn't want to travel through time. I get really frustrated at this show because of all the hiccups, but I think that's kinda the point. Love/hate for sure, but at least there's a conclusion at every show. I hate cliffhangers. I hate waiting til next week. Yea, I know I watch some of them, but those are mostly game type shows. Something like 24 I could never watch. I'd just prefer to wait for them to come out of DVD and then rent them all at once.

Awwwww.....that's all I can think when I watch it. Well, that and, "Oh my God, if that were my kid I'd be so embarrassed/proud." My oldest is dying to go on this show and I support him if he's willing to put in the work to complete the application process, but holy crap I dread the idea of him going on there and totally saying something on national television that would ruin my stellar reputation as a parent. It's like that little girl Taylor. Now, she is one beautiful little thing and I really think that her looks will take her places. I only say that because when I first started watching the show (I missed the first couple episodes) I had picked her as my favorite solely because she was "cute." After seeing a few weeks of it, though, she became much less cute than I had first decided. I loved seeing the kids come together to solve problems and it totally inspired my son to do more on his own. I cried every time one of them got to call home, but not because the kids missed their families. I cried because the families missed the kids so much. And then on the finale when the parents and the kids were running toward each other I was practically hyperventilating. Ooh Lord, help me.

Ok, that's all I have time for right now, the baby's getting ready to wake up from morning nap and I wanna go sit out front and look at the rain for a bit. There are other shows that I watch from time to time, but I'll have to post on those later. Oh and I titled this entry what I did because if it weren't for DVR I would never get to watch anything. My tv is constantly recording something for me to watch during naps and bedtimes. Hugs and Handshakes, Buh Bye!!

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